Combo Filter Systems

Combo Filter Systems

SFES PRO COMBO systems provide a unique solution for multiple equipment water quality needs in one system saving installation space and time. Some equipment like ice machines require mineral scale control where beverage equipment like soda systems do require it.

SFES PRO Combo Systems provide two chlorine-free water outlets in one system, one with scale control and one without. The Combo System can be utilized for all water-fed equipment needs in one system.

SFES PRO COMBO Water Filter Systems are offered with 2 separate filter options in 2 sizes (10” and 16” cartridge lengths..


The TOF filter systems utilizes a special filter that removes both sediment and chlorine but has a higher sediment loading capacity and reduced chlorine removal capacity. This is a premium product that is mostly used where the standard TO filter plugs prematurely from excess sediment in the water supply or where lower pressure drop is important for equipment operation.


The TO filter systems utilize standard carbon block technology that removes sediment and chlorine from the water supply improving the taste of the drinking water, soda, and juice beverages.


The SS-QD cartridge incorporates the patented ScaleStick SS-10 cartridge inside the housing providing unparalleled mineral scale control for ice, coffee, tea, and espresso equipment.


Filter cartridges are installed or removed with a 1/4 turn of the filter allowing for quick and sanitary filter changes never exposing filter internals to possible contamination.

Sizing Guide

The sizing guidelines are based on water flow requirements with average water pressure and water quality. Variations in water quality or pressure may reduce water flow especially as filters are in service for prolonged periods.

SFES PRO Combo Systems provide excellent sediment filtration, chlorine removal and mineral scale control. The gallon capacity ratings of the filters are based solely on chlorine removal and not scale control. Recommended filter change interval is 6 months based on the useful life of the scale control component.